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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2000 Theory of simple genetic algorithms      Yan, Ping Tam Sik Chung Master
2017 Thermal digital microfluidic devices for rapid DNA analysis      Chen, Tian Lan Mak, Pui-In Ph.D.
2017 Thinking of the source      Lee Liu, Jing Hodges, Benjamin Kidder Master
2004 Three audience groups with only one voice? : a probe into the contents of three central party newspapers in China      Chen, Xiao Jing Chen Huai Lin Master
2016 Three decades research advances in pharmaceutics and drug delivery :global view of big data      Zhang, Wei Xiang 王一濤 Master
2017 Three dimensions of service recovery :The service recovery framework for casino VIP customers      Lo Rung-Uthaiya, David Lo, Sheung Ting Master
2018 Three essays on asset bubbles and economic growth in a small open economy      Zhu, Lin Ho, Wai Hong Ph.D.
2018 Three essays on industrialization and urbanization of post-reform China      Xu, Wan Jun Sun, Guang-Zhen Ph.D.
2004 Three strategic vectors for Macao's tourism development : an analysis of Las Vegas (entertainment), Atlantic City (meeting place) and Monte Carlo (sophistication) as success paradigms      Cheong, Weng Mui Trigueiros Duarte Manuel Forjaz Pacheco Master
2017 Three-dimensional finite element analyses of semi-elliptical surface cracks in finite functionally graded material plates subjected to triangular surface load      Cao, Jin Long Kou, Kun Pang Master
2016 Three-dimensional finite element modelling on pile-supported embankment with geo-grid reinforcement      Lao, Jun Yuan Zhou Wan Huan Master
2018 Three-dimensional geological modeling with borehole data by general regression neural network      Chen, Guang Ming Zhou, Wan Huan Master
2016 Time correlated opimization and validation method in data mining      Fang, Qian Fong Chi Chiu Master
2000 Time domain approach in time series analysis      林煒任 Nunes Alvaro Duarte Master
1996 Time management      Jesus, Tomas Lemos de Weinrich John E. Master
2004 Time series analysis and forecasting with the application of SAS in forecasting tourist arrivals in Macau      Zhao, Ping Ding Deng Master
2015 Tongue geometry feature analysis in medical applications      Zhang, Han Zhang Yi Bo Master
2015 Tools for improving the table games efficiency and maximizing the table games revenue in Macao casinos      Chan, Kai Ip 馮家超 Master
2017 Top management team diversity and new venture firms' internationalization :an empirical study based on the growth enterprise market in China      Liu, Li Hua Hong, Jacky Master
2016 Top management team functional background diversity, firm performance and risk taking :a test of mederation      Liu, Jing Master
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Records 41 - 60 of 147