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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2008 黃梅戲語言特點研究 = Some linguistic characteristics of Huang Mei Opera      Li, Jing 李小凡 Master
2013 黃芪注射液總固形物主要化學成分分析 Chemical analysis of total solids in Radix Astragali (Huangqi) injection Liu Xiaomei.      劉曉妹 李紹平 Master
2004 黃芪皂苷成分品質控制方法初探      趙贏 簡家榮 Master
2013 龍膽苦苷胃漂浮片和胃漂浮微丸的製備及體外釋藥研究      王焱 Zheng Ying Master
2012 龍血竭的化學成分及廣佛手的化學成分分析研究      楚俊 張慶文 Master
2013 "龍門二十品" 魏碑楷書形體研究 = Study on the graphic form of Wei rubbings regular script in "Twenty Stone Inscriptions of Longmen Grottoes"      鄭崢 鄧景濱 Master
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Records 4001 - 4006 of 4006