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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2013 Audit committee industry expertise and financial reporting quality-evidence from China      Chen, Chun Yun Lee Byung Hee Master
2012 Auditor's perceived fairness of performance appraisal : an empirical study on auditors' job performance      Wong, Ming Ho Master
2014 Augmented statistical Chinese parsing via graph propagation      Huang, Qiu Qing Chao Sam Master
2014 Autism is not self-enclosing :families living with autism in Macau      Simoes, Antonio A. Schalkwyk Gertina J. van Master
2002 Automatic generation of web conference systems      Se, Chun Weng Master
2007 Automatic hidden-web database classification      Zhang, Jing Bai Gong Zhi Guo Master
1997 Automatic measuring and calculation of system harmonics      Wong, Man Chung Zhang Lin Zheng Master
2002 Automatically organizing information resources in WWW      Ho, Cheuk Wai Master
2014 Automotive engine air-ratio control using online time-sequence incremental and decremental least-squares support vector machines and fuzzy optimization      Huang, Shao Jia Wong Pak Kin Master
2016 Automotive engine air-ratio control using online wavelet least-squares support vector machine and fuzzy optimizer      Wong, Hang Cheong Wong Pak Kin Ph.D.
2012 Automotive engine tuning using least-squares support vector machines and evolutionary optimization      Li, Ke Wong Pak Kin Ph.D.
2012 autonomous and unautonomous body : the making of Macau's female working class, 1957-1989      Chan, U Wai Wei C. X. George Master
2011 Avatar in China : a cyber-audience discourse analysis perspective      Zhang, Bing Tan See Kam Master
2004 Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, em busca do passado, presente e futuro      Noronha, Rosa Elfrida Venancio Jose Carlos Master
2004 Aviation english and its usage at the Macau International Airport      Hong, S. H. Master
2003 Axial bearing capacity prediction of driven piles using artificial neural network      Che, Wai Fong Lok Man Hoi Master
2013 Babushka Lady in 2008 financial crisis :price discovery role of equity options      Cao, Wei Yue Cheung Ming Yan Master
2016 Baccarat game playing strategies analysis      Leung, Kar Wai Fong Chi Chiu Master
2003 Backward stochastic differential equations and option pricing      Leng, Weng San Ding Deng Master
2013 Balancing or bankwagoning : a quasi-civilian Myanmar in midst of China and U.S.A.      Wang, Li Xing Wang Jianwei Master
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Records 181 - 200 of 4006