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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2018 "The Lavatory Scene" in Maxine Hong Kingston's The Woman Warrior :a psychoanalytical interpretation      Zhou, Lu, Lucy Appler, Gilbert Keith Master
2009 18週課外運動促進對澳門初中生體適能、運動行為、運動自我效能和運動結果期待的影響      俞辰 孔兆偉 Master
2017 19 世紀至 20 世紀初南北官話的規範音問題 :基於西人文獻中的新證據      艾溢芳 侍建國 Ph.D.
2012 2006-2011年我國中藥與西藥不良反應頻度和强度的回顧性比較研究      阮貞 卞鷹 Master
2014 2009 and 2013 Macao Legislative Council Election in the local newspapers :analysis of the coverage of Macau Daily, Shimin Daily, Vakio Daily and Cheng Pou      Rong, Shan Li Xiao Qin Master
2008 2-甲氧基-6-乙醯基-7-甲基胡桃醌對H2O2誘導的PC12細胞損傷的保護作用研究      張煥 張慶文 Master
2004 3-dimensional space vector modulation in three-phase four-wire system for shunt power quality compensator      Dai, Ning Yi Master
2009 4週高住高訓低練對肥胖者心肌損傷及恢復的影響      李舒潔 孔兆偉 Master
2016 52-Week price ratio, firm size, volatility and momentum returns : evidence on Hong Kong equity market      Kwok, Tung Wa Master
2011 A comparative study of English-language newspaper headlines      Jia, Ting Ting Kuong Io Kei Master
2016 A study of the relationship between home environment and motor development of toddlers in Macau      Cai, Yan Xiu 李思敏 Master
2016 Abordagem do uso do artigo portugues e analise dos erros na traducao do artigo em textos jornalisticos por aprendentes chineses a luz das teorias funcionalistas      Yan, Fei Santos Raimundo Enedino dos Master
1998 Abordagem sintactico-semantica dos verbos estativos em portugues e em chines      王增揚 Master
2007 Acceptance of e-banking services : an empirical study in Pearl River Delta      Lam, Sok Chan Toraskar Kranti Supervisor Master
2013 Accounting comparability of mandatory new accounting standards adoption in China      Zhang, Jia Dan Lee Byung Hee Master
2014 acculturation and identity of new immigrant youth in Macao      Guan, Xin Sandel Todd L. Master
2015 Acoustic output pressure enhancement for CMUTs using Helmholtz resonance principle      Cao, Xue Wen Pun Sio Hang Master
2009 acquisition of English Wh-relative clauses by Cantonese-speaking Chinese learners of English in Macao      Ng, Ka Ian Master
2015 acquisition of the English passive construction by Cantonese-speaking secondary school students in Macao      Ng, Un Mei Kuong Io Kei Master
2011 Actions and constraints of the European Union as an international actor : the case of Former Yugoslav crisis      Chen, Xi Ying Song Wei Qing Master
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Records 1 - 20 of 5461