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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2010 Conflicts of interest : the opium problem in Guangdong, 1858-1917      Ma, Guang Antony, Robert J. Master
2014 Tradition and change in a South China village : Houjing Village in Shanwei City, 1949-2013      Liang, Xiu Qing Antony, Robert J. Master
2015 Hong Kong and Macao approaches to the suppression of piracy in the Pearl River Delta, 1860-1941      Connolly, Patrick Joseph Antony, Robert J. Ph.D.
2015 Lintin Island : the Canton trade at anchor, 1790 to 1840      Edwards, Stephen Otis Antony, Robert J. Master
2015 Social disorder in Hainan's middle ground : a case study of Li minority uprisings in 1766 and 1781      Xue, Qian Hui Antony, Robert J. Master
2015 Yao rebellion in the 11th-12th years of Daoguang reign (1831-1832) : interaction and confrontation in China's middle ground      Kuang, Mei Hua Antony, Robert J. Master

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Records 1 to 6 of 6