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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2016 Anti-cancer effects of terpenoids isolated from Rhizoma curcumae and its mechanistic studies in breast cancer      Zhong, Zhang Feng 王一濤 Ph.D.
2017 Anti-liver cancer effect of polyphyllin VII and its molecular mechanisms      Zhang, Chao 何承偉 Ph.D.
2017 Development of Schisantherin A and baicalein nano-formulations with improved oral bioavailability, brain uptake, and anti-Parkinsonian activity      Chen, Tong Kai Zheng, Ying Ph.D.
2016 Discovery of inhibitors of NEDD8-activating enzyme as a new approach to treat cancer and inflammatory bowel disease      Zhong, Hai Jing Leung, Chung Hang Ph.D.
2016 Discovery of two compounds from Chinese herbal medicine to reverse cancer drug resistance      Wang, Sheng Peng, 王一濤 Ph.D.
2016 Extraction, purification and characterization of polysaccharides from a novel Cordyceps sinensis fungus UM01      Cheong, Kit Leong 李紹平 Ph.D.
2017 Integration of traditional medicinecomplementary medicine products into pharmacy practice :the Australian experiences      Ung, Oi Lam 胡豪 Ph.D.
2017 Isolation and purification of compounds from Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge (Danshen) and pharmacological activity evaluation and mechanism exploration      Gao, Hong Wei 陳修平 Ph.D.
2017 Penetration evaluation and PLGA nanoparticle development of curcumin for topical delivery to treat psoriasis      Sun, Lin Zheng, Ying Ph.D.
2017 Research on quality traceability system of traditional Chinese medicine based on two-dimensional code      Cai, Yong 胡豪 Ph.D.
2017 Screening of hepatoprotective constituents from herbal medicines and investigation on the underlying mechanisms      Wang, An Qi, Lin, Li Gen Ph.D.
2016 Smart nano-scaled drug delivery systems with pH-responsive drug release, tumor-targeting and synergistic drugs co-delivery in hepatocellular carcinoma treatment      Zhang, Jin Ming 王一濤 Ph.D.
2016 Study on quality control of Lentinus edodes and Panax notoginseng based on bioactive components      Chen, Yi Wen 李紹平 Ph.D.
2016 Transport mechanism of coumarin 6 nanocrystals and complex with Cucurbit[7]uril in MDCKII cell monolayer and larval zebrafish      Miao, Xiao Qing Zheng, Ying Ph.D.
2017 The antitumor effect of Forsythiae Fructus and its underlying mechanisms      Bao, Jiao Lin 何承偉 Ph.D.
2016 effects of ginsenosides Rb1 and Rg1 on hepatic ischemiareperfusion injury and abdominal aortic aneurysm      Zhang, Xiao Jing 萬建波 Ph.D.
2015 Urinary and secondary metabolomic insights into gut microbiota      Yan, Zhi Xiang, 燕茹 Ph.D.
2015 Application of GC-MS in quality control of traditional Chinese medicines      Lv, Guang Ping, 李紹平 Ph.D.
2015 Discovery of novel anti-parkinsonian effect and optimal formulation of schisantherin A in multiple experimental models      Sa, Fei 王一濤 Ph.D.
2015 Discovery of two novel ROCK inhibitors :pharmacological characterization in the multiple experimental models of Parkinson's disease      Chong, Cheong Meng Lee, MingYuen Ph.D.
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Records 1 - 20 of 49