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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2016 Alternating direction method for high dimensional fractional diffusion equations with preconditioned strategy      Chou, Lot Kei Lei, Siu Long Master
2017 Analysis of contribution rates and prediction based on back propagation neural networks      Chen, Peng Tam, Sik Chung Master
2017 European call option pricing under partial information      Chan, Ka Hou Xiong, Jie Master
2017 FDR control and a Cramér moderate deviation theorem for Hotelling's T2-statistic      Fan, Zhi Lei Xu, Li Hu Master
2017 The Hardy spaces on torus      Ho, Ieng Chon Qian, Tao Master
2017 High order compact schemes for fractional differential equations with mixed derivatives      Shi, Chen Yang Vong, Seak Weng Master
2016 ITP approach for steady Schrodinger equation with adaptive finite element method      Kuang, Yang Hu, Guang Hui Master
2016 Linear canonical transform in time-frequency analysis      Li, Xiao Jun Kou, Kit Ian Master
2016 Monte Carlo Methods and Multilevel Monte Carlo Methods for pricing European option      Chan, Hong Kit Ding, Deng Master
2017 Preconditioners for solving fractional diffusion equations with discontinuous coefficients      Wei, Hui Qin Sun, Hai Wei Master
2017 Separable preconditioner for time-space fractional diffusion equations      Lin, Xue Lei Sun, Hai Wei Master
2017 Some norm inequalities of the commutator for even-order tensors      Liu, Zhi Kang Jin, Xiao Qing Master
2016 class of unbounded Fourier multipliers on the unit complex ball      Lv, Jian Hao Qian, Tao Master
2016 fast solution strategy for tempered fractional diffusion equations      Fan, Dao Ying Lei, Siu Long Master
2017 The main development of stochastic control problems      Hao, Xiao Qi Xiong, Jie Master
2016 numerical study on non-equilibrium Richards equation for porous media      Bian, Huan Ying Hu, Guang Hui Master
2016 third order adaptive ADER scheme for conservation laws      Gu, Ya Guang Hu, Guang Hui Master
2015 Asset pricing models and a stochastic partial differential equation for forward rate process      Deng, Li Bang Xu, Li Hu Master
2015 BCCB preconditioners for 2D space-fractional diffusion equations      Zhang, Xin He Lei, Siu Long Master
2015 Bounds for the zeros of a polynomial using numerical radius      Zhong, Yang Cheng, Che Man Master
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Records 1 - 20 of 127