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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2012 Clock-jitter insensitive circuit techniques in continuous-time sigma-delta modulators      Jiang, Yang Sin, SaiWeng Master
2011 Constructing FHNNs to detect CVDs through hemodynamic parameters derived from sphygmogram      Shi, Jun Dong, Ming Chui Master
2011 Design of analog-to-digital converters with binary search algorithm and digital calibration techniques      Wong, Si Seng U, SengPan Master
2011 Deterministic annealing EM algorithm for robust learning of Gaussian mixture models      Wang, Bo Yu Wan, Feng Master
2011 Electroencephalogram analysis based on empirical mode decomposition      Ng, Cheng Man Vai, Mang I Master
2011 Phase information enhanced steady-state visual evoked potential-based brain-computer interface      Wong, Chi Man Wan, Feng Master
2011 Tunable defected ground structure and its applications to simultaneous reconfigurable communication and partial discharge detection      Leong, Chon Chio Tam, Kam Weng Master
2011 study on comparator and offset calibration techniques in high speed Nyquist ADCs      Chan, Chi Hang U, SengPan Master
2010 Biopotential readout front-end circuits using frequency-translation filtering techniques      Ma, Chon Teng Mak, Puiin Master
2010 Design optimization of fuzzy models in system identification      Hu, Cheng Lin Wan, Feng Master
2010 General purpose bioelectric signals acquisition platform combining FPGA and FPAA = 結合FPGA及FPAA的通用生物電信號採集平台      Mou, Pedro Antonio Vai, Mang I Master
2010 Hardware accelerated Nios II implementation of Hilbert Huang Transform = 基於Nios II 軟核處理器的希爾伯特黃變換硬體加速實現      Wang, Lei Vai, Mang I Master
2010 Instrumentation amplifier and filter design for biopotential acquisition system      Chen, Chang Hao Vai, Mang I Master
2010 Speed enhancement techniques for comparator-based switched-capacitor circuits      Wong, Kim Fai U, SengPan Master
2010 Study of soft-switching techniques on three-level three-phase four-wire active power filters      Lok, Io Keong Wong, Man Chung Master
2010 Sub-nano-watt subthreshold-biased source-follower-based LPF for biopotential signal acquisition systems      Zhang, Tan Tan Vai, Mang I Master
2010 Wideband active-balun variable-gain low-noise amplifier for mobile-TV applications      Lo, Keng Wai Mak, PuiIn Master
2009 "D_PID" method for on-demand air conditioning system control in meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibition (M.I.C.E.) building      Lei, Tong Weng Vai, Mang I Master
2009 Study of the integration method on the control of wind power system      Wang, Tian Xiang Chan, Iat Neng Master
2009 novel readout front-end circuit topology for flexible biopotential signal acquisition system = 一種適用於靈活採集生物電信號的新型前端電路結構      Li, Jin Tao Vai, Mang I Master
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Records 1 - 20 of 69