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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2016 Baccarat game playing strategies analysis      Leung, Kar Wai Fong, Chi Chiu Master
2016 Cross-domain messaging method for e-payment      Hou, Hao Yuan Guo, Jing Zhi Master
2016 Dental occlusion determination with 3DOF haptic rendering      Cen, Yu Hai Wu, Wen Master
2016 Disparity maps extraction based on MRF method from an image sequence      Lan, Jun 張立明 Master
2016 Exploiting rich feature representation for SMT N-best reranking      Tong, Yu Wong, Fai Master
2016 Extended Kamada-Kawai for unfolding and boundary node detection in ad hoc network      Cheong, Se Hang Si, Yain Whar Master
2016 Fuzzy clustering for traffic pattern identification      Li, Tian Jun Chen, Long Master
2016 Gabor and scattering transform for urine sediment texture analysis      Li, Chun Li Tang, Yuan Yan, 1943- Master
2016 Image segmentation in video sequences :an approach based on one cut and depth map extraction      Yan, Kuan 張立明 Master
2016 Improved re-ranking model for translation hypothesis using extreme learning machine      Wen, Yuan Vong, Chi Man Master
2016 Multi-threshold trend following in financial time series      Liu, Jing Yuan Si, Yain Whar Master
2016 Optimized swarm search-based feature selection for text mining in sentiment analysis      Gao, Hong Fong, Chi Chiu Master
2016 R & D intelligent learning evaluation and adaptive learning content recommendation for SOA and agent-based e-learning system      Choi, Tou Man Gong, Zhi Guo Master
2016 Reducing the ciphertext expansion in image homomorphic encryption via linear interpolation technique      Li, Yun Yu Zhou, Jian Tao Master
2016 Time correlated opimization and validation method in data mining      Fang, Qian Fong, Chi Chiu Master
2016 link-based similarity measure for case law      Li, Yu Zhe U, Leong Hou Master
2016 new texture synthesis filling approach in depth image based rendering for stereoscopic imaging      Yin, Han Xiong 張立明 Master
2016 Recursive neural network based data selection for statistical machine translation      Lu, Yi Chao, Sam Master
2015 Significance factor analysis of social media data using data mining methods      Yue, Jing Fong, Chi Chiu Master
2015 improved depth map estimation method based on motion detection      Pan, Bai Yu 張立明 Master
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Records 1 - 20 of 204