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91 Accounting Approach to Pension Costs and Obligations: A Hong Kong Perspective BRC Working Papers = 研究報告 Lau, T. Y. Peter Hong Kong Baptist University = 香港浸會大學 no.WP94005 1994 OP-002-05-94005
92 Accounting Reform in China and Its Implications for U.S. Business BRC Papers on China = 中國研究報告 Tang, Y. W. Roger , Liu, S. Sandra Hong Kong Baptist University = 香港浸會大學 no.CP97003 1997 OP-002-04-97003
93 Actores de Boa Fé centro de documentação teatral Marivaux Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema 1992 OP-029-01-02
94 "Actual-Ideal" Discrepancies in the Representation of Self and Significant - Others and Psychological Well-Being of Chinese Adolescents Project Report Shek, T.L. Daniel DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL WORK THE CHINESE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG no.2 1992 OP-010-010-02
95 Adapting Consumer Style Inventory to Chinese Consumers: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis Approach BRC Papers on China = 中國研究報告 Siu, Y. M. Noel, Wang, C.L. Charlie., Chang, M. K. Ludwig , Hui, S. Y. Alice Hong Kong Baptist University = 香港浸會大學 no.CP99006 1999 OP-002-04-99006
96 Adaptive Differential Dynamic Programming for Multiobjective Optimal Control Technical Report Liao, Li-Zhi, Li, Duan Hong Kong Baptist University = 香港浸會大學 no.MATH - 249 1999 OP-002-08-249
97 Adding Risks: Some General Results About Time Diversification BRC Papers on Financial Derivatives and Investment Strategies = 衍生工具及投資策略研究報告系列 Lam, Kin, Zou, Liang Hong Kong Baptist University = 香港浸會大學 no.FDP200004 2000 OP-002-03-200004
98 Addressing Conflict between Teachers' Professional Needs and Organisational Demands School of Education Working Papers Busher, Hugh, Coleman, Marianne, Morrison, Marlene University of Leicester no.3 2002 OP-049-01-003
99 Adjustment Problems in the Motherland: Hong Kong Chinese Expatriate Managers on Assignment in China BRC Papers on Cross-Cultural Management = 跨文化管理研究報告 Selmer, Jan Hong Kong Baptist University = 香港浸會大學 no.CCMP96009 1996 OP-002-02-96009
100 Admissibilty and Minimaxity of the Uniform Design Measure in Nonparametric Regression Models Technical Report Xie, Min-Yu, Fang, Kai-Tai Hong Kong Baptist University = 香港浸會大學 no.MATH - 136 1996 OP-002-08-136
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