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TITLE : [Amateur Film: Wathen Collection: Niagara Falls and Austin, Texas]
ABSTRACT: Excellent amateur footage of Niagara Falls and scenes in Austin, Texas, including the Texas State Capitol building.
KEYWORD : Niagara Falls (Canada-U.S.); Water;Austin, Texas; Water;Austin, Texas
REVIEW : This amateur footage of Niagara is useless without software that correct what is apparently an error in the original film print process. Sadly, the images are reversed from the start. After the hand-held title card shot, a sign over the customs station at the Rainbow Bridge appears briefly at the botom of the frame. Sybsequently it can be obseved that the Bridal Veil Fall appears stage left of the American Fall, rather than stage right. All geographical features are reversed, as in a mirror image. This interesting view of Niagara dating from the 1940s(?) would be useful to historians and retro tourists if only its images were "re-mirored." --twk
Location : A/V room, 2/F