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Author Mao, Aimei
Title The gap nursing theory and nursing practice : is it too wide to bridge?-An example from Macau
Journal Title 澳門護理雜誌
Pub. Info 第14卷第1期, 第13-20頁
Date 2015年6月
Link N/A
Keyword nursing
Abstract The legitimacy of any profession is built on its ability to generate and apply theory. Globally there is an increasing gap between nursing theory and nursing practice. The purpose of the study are : 1) to explore whether or not there is nursing theory-practice gap is in Macau and if this is the case how wide the gap is and 2) to examine the factors which in theme the application of nursing theory in a specific culture, profound reflections on the theory-practice gap can be provoked and such reflection can lead to problem solving innovations. The literatures on the application of the nursing theories by the clinical practitioners in Macau were searched through multiple databases. Altogether there were 11 articles related to nursing theory development authored by Macau researchers or the application of nursing theory in research or clinical practice in Macau. Only one article was on the theory-practice application in the clinical setting in Macau. The results showed the same degree, if not a greater degree, of the theory-practice gap in Macau compared to other places. An analysis was provided on how the gap happened in the context of nursing in Macau. Solutions to merge the theory-practice gap were suggested.

Paragraph Headings:
1. Introduction
1.1. Nursing education and nursing practice n Macau
2. Methods
3. Discussions
3.1. Nursing workforce and the theory-practice gap
3.2. 'Foreign' theories and the theory-practice gap
3.3. The dual role mechanism and the theory-practice gap
3.4. Supportive environment and the theory-practice gap
3.5. Suggestions to merge the theory-practice gap in future
3.5.1. Development of local theories
3.5.2. Enhanced delivery of the nursing theories to nursing students and clinical practitioners
3.5.3. Increased involvement of the theorists in clinical practice
4. Conclusion

1. The different arrangements of clinical practicing for the students between the nursing schools in mainland and Macau
2. The search results in the multiple databases
Location 1/F Zone B, Macau Corner