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Author Zhang, Wen-yan;Wang, Hui;Clarke, Christopher Peter
Title Library services for minors in Mainland China : a comparative research review
Journal Title 澳門圖書館暨資訊管理協會學刊
Pub. Info 第16期, 第101-130頁
Date 2016年7月
Link N/A
Keyword Libraries
reading promotion
research review
Abstract To gain a better understanding of library services for the youth and to narrow the gap between Chinese and overseas studies, this paper focuses on the most important and relevant research conducted in Mainland China. This paper demonstrates that these research projects have not received sufficient attention or support from government departments and parent organizations. In addition, China's scientific publishing mechanisms and academic quality are still far away from satisfactory at present. The classification and subject of current research has been relatively general and superficial, despite the expanding number of studies on library services for minors. The research produced so far has only scratched the surface. The relevant Chinese research in the LIS field has reflected only a limited perspective, according to comparative research conducted in Mainland China. Although the situation has been problematic, the studies examined in this paper and the commentaries still have shed light on the current development of library services for youths and their future prospects.

Paragraph Headings:
1. Introduction
2. A research review of Mainland Chinese research
2.1. The evolution of library services for minors
2.2. Information access and delivery
2.3. User studies
3. concluding comments on the research of children-oriented libraries in Mainland China
3.1. The unique publishing mechanism in Mainland China
3.2. The classification of related research
3.3. The paradigms adopted by researchers on children's reading
4. Research prospects
Location 1/F Zone B, Macau Corner