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UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)
Issue Date▼ Title Author Supervisor Degree
2013 中成藥產品跨文化品牌管理研究
張楠 王一濤 Master
2013 葫蘆素B誘導腫瘤細胞DNA損傷導致G2M期細胞週期阻滯 Cucurbitacin B induced DNA damage causes G2M cell cycle arrest in cancer cells Guo Jiajie.
郭佳傑 陳修平 Master
2013 廣藿香化學成分研究 Chemical study on Pogostemon cablin Li Ping.
李萍 張慶文 Master
2013 不同粒徑熊果酸納米混懸液的製備、表徵和體外抗腫瘤活性評價 Formulation development of Ursolic acid nanosuspensions with different particle sizes and in-vitro anti-cancer activity evaluations Song Ju.
宋菊 Zheng Ying Master
2013 Allocative and dynamic efficiency of China's investment : evidence from provincial data
Zhu, Yan Dang Vinh Master
2013 中國合同研發組織的演進與動因研究
石韻臻 王一濤 Master
2013 Diversification strategy of foreign gaming companies in Macau
Du, Jian Hang Yuan Lin Master
2013 Indianization, foreign relations, and trade : a preliminary study of the ancient kingdom of Funan together with the disscusion of the changing of international maritime trade route in South China sea in 5th-8th century CE
Ho, Sin Hang 何偉傑 Master
2013 Analysis of hydrophilic components in water extract from Polygonum multiflorum using micellar electrokinetic chromatography
Lao, Ka Meng 李紹平 Master
2013 experimental study for the effects of inner surface roughness and heating on friction factors inside horizontal micro-tubes
Ng, Wa San Tam Lap Mou Master
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