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UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)
Issue Date▼ Title Author Supervisor Degree
2018 The discursive engineering of Chinese foreign policy in Xi Jinping's era :the case of the "One belt, one road" initiative
Chan, Seng In Song, Wei Qing Master
2018 Deep learning and SVM methods for lung diseases detection and direction recognition
Li, Lei Tang, Yuan Yan Master
2018 Design of a model reference backstepping controller for semi-active air suspension systems with unknown parameter estimation
Yuan, Chen Chen Wong, Pak Kin Master
2018 Discovery of cholesterol trafficking inhibitors as novel anti-angiogenic and anti-cancer agents
Lyu, Jun Fang Shim, Joong Sup Doctoral
2018 Development of quantitative photoacoustic tomography imaging systems for disease detections from bench to bedside
Liu, Yu Bin Yuan, Zhen Doctoral
2018 Degradation of scrap tyres by bacillus sp.–optimization of major environmental parameters and identification of potential growth substrates
Lao, Weng Chon Shim, Hojae Master
2018 Design and analysis of a new parallel micro-manipulator utilizing bridge amplifier structure and constant force mechanism for precise assembly system
Chen, Xi Gang Yang, Zhi Xin Master
2018 Development and validation of deep learning classifiers for antimicrobial peptide prediction
Yan, Jie Lu Siu, Weng In Master
2018 Digital watermarking methods with robustness and reversibility
Jiang, Zi Yu Pun, Chi Man Master
2018 Development of a tool to estimate the atmospheric emissions with high spatial and temporal resolution over the Macau SAR
Liu, Yuan Mok, Kai Meng Master
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