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UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)
Issue Date Title Author Supervisor▲ Degree
2015 Deployment of control mechanisms and headquarters-subsidiary relationships in China multinational corporations :the case of Huawei
Xiao, Fei Hong, Jacky Master
2011 New numerical methods and analysis for Toeplitz matrices with financial applications
Pang, Hong Kui Jin Xiao Qing Doctoral
2017 A descriptive analysis of the adaptation of English consonants in Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese loanwords
Ma, Qiao Jun Kuong, Io Kei Master
2018 A descriptive study on network buzzwords in the mandarin Chinese netspeak
Chen, Shen Zhang Kuong, Io Kei Master
2016 Design and control of an integrated KY DC-DC step-up converter under DCM operation
Zeng, Wen Liang Lam Chi Seng Master
2017 Dealing with bad customers :a study of consequences of customer mistreatment and the moderating effects of psychological capital and service climate
Chan, Hio Hei Lam, Long Wai Master
2010 Antecedents and work consequences of social identity in organizations : a study of higher education institute in Macau Vong, Kun Seng Lam Long Wai Master
2014 Does political connection affect sensitivity of executive pay to firm performance? :evidence from China
Yang, Ying Ying Lee Byung Hee Master
2012 Pharmacological characterization of a novel tetramethylpyrazine nitrone in experimental models of Parkinson's disease
Xu, Da Ping Lee MingYuen Master
2015 Discovery of two novel ROCK inhibitors :pharmacological characterization in the multiple experimental models of Parkinson's disease
Chong, Cheong Meng Lee MingYuen Doctoral
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