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UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)
Issue Date▲ Title Author Supervisor Degree
2018 Design and analysis of a new parallel micro-manipulator utilizing bridge amplifier structure and constant force mechanism for precise assembly system
Chen, Xi Gang Yang, Zhi Xin Master
2018 Development and validation of deep learning classifiers for antimicrobial peptide prediction
Yan, Jie Lu Siu, Weng In Master
2018 Digital watermarking methods with robustness and reversibility
Jiang, Zi Yu Pun, Chi Man Master
2018 Development of a tool to estimate the atmospheric emissions with high spatial and temporal resolution over the Macau SAR
Liu, Yuan Mok, Kai Meng Master
2018 Design and implementation of compact micro- nano-positioning stage driven by piezoelectric actuator
Wu, Ze Yi Xu, Qing Song Master
2018 Desempenho oral de falantes de língua materna Chinesa, aprendentes de Português Europeu língua estrangeira :efeitos do aumento da complexidade cognitiva da tarefa = Oral performance of Chinese learners of European Portuguese foreign language : effects of increasing the cognitive complexity of the task
Santos, Sara Gonçalves dos Grosso, Maria José Doctoral
2018 Discovery and mechanistic study of protective compounds in multiple experimental models of neuroinflammation
Li, Chu Wen Hoi, Pui-Man Doctoral
2018 The distribution and function of β-glucuronidases in human gut microbiota and β-glucuronidase targeted drug discovery
Wei, Bin 燕茹 Doctoral
2018 Deep learning for pharmaceutical formulation prediction
Ye, Zhu Yi Fan Ouyang, De Fang Master
2018 Does Chinese first lady matter in diplomacy? :a comparative study
Qiu, Bao Die Song, Wei Qing Master
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