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UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)
Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2010 Fa (statute law), Li*(rationality), Qing(feeling) : Chinese concepts of law Zhao, Li Rui Mancuso Salvatore Master
2011 Phase information enhanced steady-state visual evoked potential-based brain-computer interface
Wong, Chi Man Wan Feng Master
2011 approach to online anonymous electronic cash
Li, Ying Guo Jing Zhi Master
2017 關懷倫理道德教育內涵在初中語文教科書的呈現 :以內地人教版和香港啟思版為例
羅曉儀 宋明娟 Master
2018 關於夫妻之間共同財產的執行問題研究 =Research on the implement of common property between husband and wife
羅妍 王薇 Master
2015 關於家庭暴力的理論分析以及對我國家庭暴力犯罪规制的完善意見 =Theoretical analyses on domestic violence and suggestions on improvement of regulation mode of domestic violence crime in China
劉苑 趙國強 Master
2015 關於歐盟 "收購指令" 對成員國董事會中立規則影響的研究 關濤 汪超 Master
2017 關於澳門原有法律清理及適應化的研究 =A study about the treatment and adaptation of the laws previously in force in Macau
杜婧 駱偉建 Master
2011 人性裂變後的家族末路 : 論張愛玲獨特的親情書寫對家族的拆解 = Deteriorated human nature inducing to the family's terminal : Zhang Ailing's achieving of the families' disintergration by unique families' writings
徐璐 朱壽桐 Master
2012 我國對外貿易中的技術性貿易措施 : 以中醫藥出口遭遇的技術性貿易措施為例 = The technical measures to trade in international trade : especially on the export of traditional Chinese medicine 熊暢 魏丹 Master