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UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)
Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2006 Agent-based general environment with market mechanism Zeng, Bing Cong Lian Zhao Tong Master
2012 American overseas community in nineteenth-century Macao
Connolly, Patrick Crosbie Barry Master
2011 Assessing online translation systems using the BLEU score : Google Language Tools & SYSTRANBox Law, Mei In Venkatesan Hari Master
2013 Benefits and challenges of adopting electronic health record system : a qualitative study of stakeholders in Macao
Chao, Weng Chi Master
2012 Bitter for your mouth, good for your health? : the relationship between somatization, alexithymia and a culture-specific behavior of drinking herbal tea, and the treatment effect of expressive writing
Chio, Pit Hoi Zaroff Charles Master
2011 Case-specific approach to decision-making : effects of individual characteristics on decision-making involving different types of cases
Noronha, Roberto Antonio 林明基 Doctoral
2006 Corpus-based lexical and syntactic analysis of the writing of high school students in Macao Wu, Jia Ning Moody Andrew Jackson Master
2011 Design and analysis of an electro-hydro-mechanical variable valve actuator for four-stroke automobile engines
Tam, Kuok San Wong Pak Kin Master
2014 Design and implementation of a mixed signal controller for performance enhancement in power quality compensator Yang, Yan Zheng Wong Man Chung Master
2011 Design of analog-to-digital converters with binary search algorithm and digital calibration techniques
Wong, Si Seng U SengPan Master
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