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UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)
Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree▼
2017 A corpus-assisted case study of translational directionality :translations of Chinese short stories into English by L1- and L2- translators
Hou, Lin Ping He, Yuanjian Doctoral
2017 Representing cultures through language and image :a multimodal approach to translations of the Chinese classic Mulan
陳曦 張美芳 Doctoral
2017 Outlandish creatures :a study of anthropomorphsim in contemporary Children's literature
尤呈呈 Kelen, Christopher Doctoral
2017 A corpus-assisted contrastive study of text-translating patterns of culture-specific and non-culture-specific items in three Chinese translations of Austen's Northanger Abbey :empirical facts and neurocognitive implications
Huang, Qiu Hong He, Yuanjian Doctoral
2018 Using induced pluripotent stem cells to establish disease models with neurodegenerative disorders
Tan, Yuan Su, Huan Xing Doctoral
2018 Polyphase decomposition for sigma-delta A D converters
Feng, Daw Sin, Sai Weng Doctoral
2018 Nano-watt class CMOS interface circuits for wireless sensor nodes
Zhang, Tan Tan Law, Man Kay Doctoral
2018 Efficient power management design for energy harvesting biomedical applications
Chen, Zhi Yuan Martins, Rui Paulo Doctoral
2018 New regional multifocus image fusion techniques for extending depth of field
Duan, Jun Wei Chen, Long Doctoral
2018 Characteristic analysis, regulating mechanism modeling and advanced control on hydraulic adjustable dampers for automotive semi-active suspensions
Ma, Xin Bo Wong, Pak Kin Doctoral
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