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UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)
Issue Date Title▲ Author Supervisor Degree
2017 A corpus-assisted case study of memory-pairing in English-Chniese and Chinese-English simultaneous interpreting
Lang, Yue He, Yuanjian Doctoral
2017 A corpus-assisted case study of translational directionality :translations of Chinese short stories into English by L1- and L2- translators
Hou, Lin Ping He, Yuanjian Doctoral
2017 A corpus-assisted contrastive study of text-translating patterns of culture-specific and non-culture-specific items in three Chinese translations of Austen's Northanger Abbey :empirical facts and neurocognitive implications
Huang, Qiu Hong He, Yuanjian Doctoral
2018 A corpus-assisted research on translator style :Eileen Chang as a self-translator
Chen, Feng De Lei, Lai Cheng Master
2018 A corpus-assisted study on modal verbs in consecutive interpreting
He, Yuan, William Lei, Lai Cheng Master
2016 A corpus-based study of the translating trends for rendering culture-specific items from Life of Pi into Chinese
Jia, Lu Wei, Lucy He, Yuanjian Master
2017 A corpus-based study on culture-specific items :a case study on Chinese subtitling and dubbing of the American cartoon film Mulan
Ran, Tian Yao He Yuanjian Master
2018 A critical discourse analysis of news reports on the event of the umbrella revolution in China Daily and South China Morning Post
Shi, Lan Rui, Phyllis Montgomery, Martin Master
2017 A descriptive analysis of the adaptation of English consonants in Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese loanwords
Ma, Qiao Jun Kuong, Io Kei Master
2018 A descriptive study on network buzzwords in the mandarin Chinese netspeak
Chen, Shen Zhang Kuong, Io Kei Master
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