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UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)
Issue Date▲ Title Author Supervisor Degree
2018 Historical analysis of British welfare system :origin, development, and prospect
Jian, Ke Yue Song, Wei Qing Master
2018 ζ1 penalized methods in high-dimensional regressions and its theoretical properties
Xie, Fang Xu, Li Hu Doctoral
2018 Inference of Spot Volatility in the presence of Infinite Variation Jumps
Liu, Qiang Liu, Zhi Doctoral
2018 Analysis of numerical methods for some tensor equations
Liu, Dong Dong Vong, Seak-Weng Doctoral
2018 SIFT-based image copy-move forgery detection and its adversarial attacks
Li, Yuan Man Zhou, Jian Tao Doctoral
2018 Effective and efficient algorithms for SimRank computations
Lu, Juan Gong, Zhi Guo Doctoral
2018 從協調隱私權與知情權的角度探討澳門政府信息公開制度的構建 = From the perspective of coordinating the right of privacy and the right to know to explore the construction of the government information disclosure system in Macao
黃嘉慧 稅兵 Master
2018 中國大陸與澳門地區善意占有比較研究 =A comparative study on bona fide possession between Mainland China and Macao
林小萍 唐曉晴 Master
2018 論企業商業秘密權與自由擇業權的衝突與平衡 :以競業禁止為研究視角 = A discussion on the conflicts and balances between the right of the commercial secrets and the right of freedom in choosing a job : based on the "non compete aggrement"
張雯吉 范劍虹 Master
2018 Integrated analysis of ovarian cancer :implications on tissue origin, hormone therapy and immunotherapy
Hao, Da Peng Di, Li Jun Doctoral
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