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UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)
Issue Date Title▼ Author Supervisor Degree
2015 Investigating Macao tourism brochures and their translations :an appraisal perspective
Wang, Yi Nan 張美芳 Master
2015 Intertextuality in film title translation :a comparative study of translated film titles in Hong Kong and Taiwan (2005-2013)
Hong, Ieng U Wang Xian Master
2014 Interpreting the "symbolic reality" :fantasy theme analysis of the global debate on Mo Yan's winning Nobel Prize in Literature
Zhu, Wen Bo 吳玫 Master
2013 Indianization, foreign relations, and trade : a preliminary study of the ancient kingdom of Funan together with the disscusion of the changing of international maritime trade route in South China sea in 5th-8th century CE
Ho, Sin Hang 何偉傑 Master
2015 Game, god and gastronomy :Macao identities in post-handover narratives and translations (2000-2011)
Pan, Han Ting, 張美芳 Doctoral
2012 Face, stigma and mental health influences help-seeking attitudes of Macao college students
Cheang, Sut Ieng Davis J. Mark Master
2015 Exploring the association between media access, consumption, and health literacy among college students
Zhao, Hai Yi Chang Wen Yu Master
2013 Ethical leadership and career outcomes :a study of Macau hospitality industry
Lok, Man San Loi Chi Ho Master
2015 English-Chinese translation of advertisements of cosmetics products from the perspective of Skopos theory
Cheong, Ngan Fun Venkatesan Hari Master
2012 Emotional intelligence's predictability for depression and anxiety vulnerability among Chinese
Wang, Huan Huan Chang Kay Master
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