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UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)
Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree▲
2016 謙益 "列朝詩集" 選評明代前後七子研究 =Research on Qian Qianyi's Ming Dynasty Poems' selection, processing and commentary of the Former Seven and the Late Seven
聞曉虹 鄧駿捷 Master
2017 Reconstructing Macau identity :a multi-media exhibition project of Macau's communication memory
Chen, Yun Ru 林玉鳳 Master
2017 The "leftover women" phenomenon in China :a thematic analysis of media and interpersonal understandings of a gendered concept
Li, Sheng Mei Sandel, Todd L Master
2017 題材與思想 :"三言" 中的明代話本研究 = A research on subject matter and thought of huaben fictions of Ming dynasty in San yan
劉永琦 鄧駿捷 Master
2017 基於引證網絡的專利質押融資影響因素的實證研究
萬苗 胡元佳 Master
2017 "來襲" 和 "襲來" 探析 =Exploration and analysis of Laixi and Xilai
付婧莎 王銘宇 Master
2017 梁漱溟的中國文化觀及其當代啟示 = Liang Shuming's outlook on Chinese culture and its modern implication
張朔 龔剛 Master
2017 論明清時期澳門詩詞中的天主教描寫 =The representations of Catholicism in Macau-themed poetry of the Ming and Qing dynasties
曾瑋彤 鄧駿捷 Master
2017 論潘金蓮悲劇形象的時代性構造 =A research on rebuilding of Pan Jinlian's tragic image in different times
孫天嬌 朱壽桐 Master
2017 南宋兩浙路地區家訓研究 =A study of Liangzhe district's family precepts in the Southern Song dynasty
肖曉 鄧駿捷 Master
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