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UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)
Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2016 Populacao imigrante de Timor Leste em Macau e a lingua de acolhimento
Yan, Yan Grosso Maria José Master
2012 Product placement in mainland China : audiences' interpretation of brands in television programs
Hao, Qi Jing Li Xiao Qin Master
2015 Protective effects of Penthorum chinense Pursh against alcohol-induced liver injury in mice
Cao, Yi Wei 萬建波 Master
2017 Studies on diterpenoids from the seeds of Podocarpus nagi and their pharmacological activities
Feng, Zhe Ling Lin, Li Gen Master
2017 Studies on the chemical constituents of the seeds of Clausena lansium and their anti-obesity activity
Huang, Li Lin, Li Gen Master
2010 Study of soft-switching techniques on three-level three-phase four-wire active power filters
Lok, Io Keong Wong Man Chung Master
2013 Study on angiogenesis activity and mechanism of action of novel tanshinone derivatives produced by one-pot modification of tanshinone mixture from Salvia miltiorrhiza
Zhang, Zhe Rui Lee MingYuen Master
2015 Targeted depletion of tumor-associated macrophages by an alendronate-glucomannan conjugate for cancer immunotherapy
Zhan, Xiu Dan 王春明 Master
2017 The "leftover women" phenomenon in China :a thematic analysis of media and interpersonal understandings of a gendered concept
Li, Sheng Mei Sandel, Todd L Master
2015 Traducao automatica Chines-Portugues baseada na Gramatica Sincronica de Restricao :uma analise da locucao localizadora temporal
Lu, Chun Hui Leal Ana Luisa Varani Master
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