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UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)
Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2014 Research on the design and implementation of good manufacturing practice (GMP) of Chinese patent medicine
He, Tian Tian 王一濤 Master
2015 Resolucao de problemas na traducao de metaforas linguisticas do chines para o portugues :um estudo empírico-experimental = An empirical-experimental study of problem solving in the translation of linguistic metaphors from Chinese into Portuguese
Schmaltz, Marcia Baxter Alan Norman Doctoral
2012 Studying the influence of TV commercials on children' perception and their diet behavior : a case study of Nanping Experimental Primary School in Mainland China
Liu, Jian Chang Wen Yu Master
2017 Symbolic repertoires for city branding beyond casinos :a case of Macau
Zhao, Ying 吳玫 Master
2012 Temperament styles of children from Macao and Hong Kong
Chan, Wing Yan Zaroff Charles Master
2017 The cultural experiences of Mainland Chinese working in Macau
Fong, Cho Kei Sandel, Todd L Master
2017 The identity branding of Hengqin :a fantasy theme analysis
Zhao, Xiao Jian 吳玫 Master
2017 The "leftover women" phenomenon in China :a thematic analysis of media and interpersonal understandings of a gendered concept
Li, Sheng Mei Sandel, Todd L Master
2015 Translating drama for stage performance :a comparative case study of two Chinese versions of William Shakespeare's King Lear
Iong, Weng Hou Li Jian Master
2015 Translating idiomatic expressions in legal texts :a case study of translations of court judgments in Hong Kong
Chio, Sai Peng 張美芳 Master
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