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UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)
Issue Date Title Author Supervisor▲ Degree
2012 朱光潛後期美學思想的核心 : 尋求美學中的人性價值 = The focus of Zhu Guangqian's aesthetic thought at his later stage : in a quest for humanities
廖俊昭 朱壽桐 Master
2012 修身之路 : 廢名長篇小說的自省與自我實現書寫 = The road to self-cultivation : inner check and actualization writing in Fei Ming's novel
戎琦 朱壽桐 Master
2012 論田漢南國時期戲劇活動中的流浪者形象 = On the image of the rangers in Tian Han's drama during the Nanguo drama movement
滕菲 朱壽桐 Master
2012 不能夠終止的超越 : 論張煒小說創作中的救贖主題 = The infinite surpassing : a study on the theme of salvation in Zhang Wei's novels
王銳敏 朱壽桐 Master
2013 莫言小說的敍事策略 : 與福克納之比較研究
聶夢影 朱壽桐 Master
2013 論蘇雪林小說中的古典情結 = On the classical complex in SuXuelin's fictions
黃琳 朱壽桐 Master
2014 一個不屬於我們的時代 : 穆時英的夜總會敘事 = Times not for us : Mu Shiying's narrative based on the experience of night club
林學霞 朱壽桐 Master
2014 歌詞創作與中國現當代文化運作
張明明 朱壽桐 Doctoral
2014 當代臺港歌詞創作與流行歌曲的經典性
李昂 朱壽桐 Doctoral
2011 人性裂變後的家族末路 : 論張愛玲獨特的親情書寫對家族的拆解 = Deteriorated human nature inducing to the family's terminal : Zhang Ailing's achieving of the families' disintergration by unique families' writings
徐璐 朱壽桐 Master
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