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UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)
Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree▲
2018 澳門跨境費爭端解決機制的構建與完善 :以"內地—澳門"為例 = The establishment and improvement of solution mechanism for cross-border consumption disputes in Macao : in the case of mainland China--Macao
張博嵐 唐曉晴 Master
2017 中國費升級下的供給側改革政策研究 :以珠海市為個案分析
劉昱初 蕭楊輝 Master
2018 費者團體訴訟制度研究 :以我國費者團體訴訟制度構建為視角 = Research on consumer group litigation system based on the construction of the lawsuit system of consumer groups in Mainland China
潘柯丞 王薇 Master
2016 方言島亡機制研究 =A study on the mechanism of disappearance of dialect islands
張宸瑞 徐大明 Master
2013 Environmental awareness, initiative and performance in the hotel industry
Huang, Hui Lan Chan Sow Hup Master
2017 A study of the Danmuka attraction factors :based on theory of the Weighted and Calculated Needs for New Media
Wu, Wan Xin 吳玫 Master
2017 "Old wine in new digital bottles" :an examination of the use of different forms of headlines in the context of multiple-media platforms and similar content : a case study of The Beijing News
Liu, Yi Ying Fitzgerald, Richard Master
2017 The identity branding of Hengqin :a fantasy theme analysis
Zhao, Xiao Jian 吳玫 Master
2017 The cultural experiences of Mainland Chinese working in Macau
Fong, Cho Kei Sandel, Todd L Master
2017 Symbolic repertoires for city branding beyond casinos :a case of Macau
Zhao, Ying 吳玫 Master
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