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UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)
Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2012 Chinese implication and unimplemented British colonialism : the education system in Hong Kong from the Song dynasty to 1865
Xie, Ying Ying 何偉傑 Master
2015 Code-mixing on WeChat :communicating and relating among young adults in Macao and Guangdong
Qiu, Pei Min Sandel Todd L. Master
2013 Collaborative working relationship of physician and pharmacist : reality and expectation
Io, Ut Mui 胡豪 Master
2013 Communication satisfaction, perceived fairness and citizenship behavior :a study of the hospitality and gaming industry in Macau
Lai, Ho Yan Chan Sow Hup Master
2015 Comparative studies on political advertisement in YouTube and TV :a case of 2013 Macau Legislative Election
Tai, Mei I Li Xiao Qin Master
2010 Conflicts of interest : the opium problem in Guangdong, 1858-1917
Ma, Guang Antony Robert J. Master
2016 Constructing modernity in China :social change in Tianjin as reflected in medical advertisements of the Ta Kung Pao (1907-1917) = 現代國家的構建:從大公報醫藥廣告透析天津的社會變遷 (1909-1917)
Xue, Hui PuenteBallesteros Beatriz Master
2015 Corporate social responsibility disclosure behavior of banks in Mainland China 2008-2012
Wong, Si Mei Noronha Carlos Master
2013 Corporate social responsibility reporting :the case of China's milk products industry
Kong, Wai Peng Noronha Carlos Master
2015 Diffusion of competing media frames in social movement :a case of "Anti-Retirement Package Bill event" in Macau
Xu, Min Chen Huai Lin Master
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