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UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)
Issue Date Title Author Supervisor▲ Degree
2010 Conflicts of interest : the opium problem in Guangdong, 1858-1917
Ma, Guang Antony Robert J. Master
2012 Feasibility study of contractor registration system and contractor grading system in Macau
Pun, I Chung Ao Ieong Tai Man Master
2010 Environmental management of Macau construction and demolition (C&D) waste
Gong, Jie Lu Ao Ieong Tai Man Master
2015 Aquisicao dos artigos em Portugues por aprendentes Chineses =Acquisition of the Portuguese articles by Chinese learners
Zhang, Jing Baxter Alan Norman Doctoral
2015 Resolucao de problemas na traducao de metaforas linguisticas do chines para o portugues :um estudo empírico-experimental = An empirical-experimental study of problem solving in the translation of linguistic metaphors from Chinese into Portuguese
Schmaltz, Marcia Baxter Alan Norman Doctoral
2013 Environmental awareness, initiative and performance in the hotel industry
Huang, Hui Lan Chan Sow Hup Master
2013 Communication satisfaction, perceived fairness and citizenship behavior :a study of the hospitality and gaming industry in Macau
Lai, Ho Yan Chan Sow Hup Master
2012 Emotional intelligence's predictability for depression and anxiety vulnerability among Chinese
Wang, Huan Huan Chang Kay Master
2011 Exploring emotional branding and online brand community by a case study of American Starbucks for Chinese
Xu, Ming Chang Wen Yu Master
2015 Exploring the association between media access, consumption, and health literacy among college students
Zhao, Hai Yi Chang Wen Yu Master
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