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UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)
Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree▲
2017 中國大陸地方府大部制改革研究 :以廣東順德大部制改革為例
李祥 何秋祥 Master
2016 澳門監管公共運輸策研究 :以維澳蓮運巴士公司為例 = A study of public transportation supervisory policy in Macao : a case study of Reolian Public Transport
羅嫦意 鄺錦鈞 Master
2018 從公共治理與危機管理層面研究澳門城市更新策的發展
鄭中行 陳建新 Master
2018 Study of the pacification commission system of Nanjing national government in the 1930s =1930 年代國民府綏靖公署制度研究
Li, Hang 茅海建 Master
2016 府角色的轉換與產業策的轉變 :論其對湛江市水產業發展的影響
蒙潔敏 吳德榮 Master
2018 論澳門行合同制度 =A study of the system of administrative contract in Macau
簡慧妍 邱庭彪 Master
2018 倫理規範建構研究 =Study on the construction of administration ethics norms and regulations
齊思明 蔣朝陽 Master
2018 略論澳門特別行區行主導治體制 =A brief study on executive-led political system of Special Administration Region of Macau
李雪飛 蔣朝陽 Master
2018 論行行為與行訴訟受案範圍的關係 =On the relationship between the administrative act and the scope of accepting cases in administrative litigation
李旭源 蔣朝陽 Master
2018 撤銷問題研究 :從義務與自由裁量之爭出發 = Research on the annulment of administrative acts : starting from the dispute between obligation and discretion
鄒海若 蔣朝陽 Master
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