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UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)
Issue Date Title Author Supervisor▲ Degree
2016 visao dos Portugueses na Monografia de Macau
Tan, Yuan Seabra Leonor Master
2015 China, Portugal and Britain in Macau :a study on Macau's status from 1839 to 1862
Lei, Cheng Ieng Silva Filipa I. Ribeiro Master
2013 Internal marketing :perspectives of local residents on developing Macao into a world tourism and leisure center
Liao, Xue Yan So Siu Ian Master
2015 Women's status and gender relations in Southeast Asia from the thirteenth to the fifteenthcenturies :based on Notes on the Custom of Cambodia 真臘風土記, Description of the Barbarians of the Isles 島夷志略 and The Overall Survey of the Ocean's Shores 瀛涯勝覽
Li, Li Juan Sugiyama Akiko Master
2015 Women smoking cigarettes and the development of feminism in urban China during the first half of the twentieth century
Deng, Ying Xin Sugiyama Akiko Master
2013 significance of the partnership between Brazil and Macau :an exploratory study on Macau as an intermediary
Wang, Yi Meng SyChangco Joseph Adea Master
2014 Predicting positive and negative affect by needs satisfaction and worry :the moderating effects of Chinese values and endurance
Ng, Lai Va Taormina Robert J. Master
2014 Personality and mobile instant messenger use among Macau citizens
Leong, Ka Sin Taormina Robert J. Master
2011 From language of a HCC to a LCC : a study of Chinese-Eenglish translation of MAM articles
Cheong, Sin Wan Venkatesan Hari Master
2015 On translation of cultural words :a case study of classical Chinese texts of Macao Museum of Art
Vong, Angela Mericia Venkatesan Hari Master
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