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UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)
Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree▲
2012 論殘雪小說中的孤獨意識 = The loneliness in Can Xue's novel
王濱韜 龔剛 Master
2011 "聊齋誌異" 中的反面人物形象 = Negative characters in the Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio
林敏兒 賈晉華 Master
2012 "金粉世家" 稱謂語研究 = A research on terms of address in Jinfen Shijia
王媛媛 邵朝陽 Master
2012 基於語料庫的漢語 "給" 和英語 "give" 之對比研究 = A corpus-based contrastive study on Chinese "gei" and English "give"
雷曦 徐傑 Master
2012 話語標記 "X是" 的連貫建構功能研究 : 以 "就是"、"但是" 為例 = A study on the coherent functions of discourse markers X-Shi : a case study of Jiushi and Danshi
潘雨辰 徐傑 Master
2012 海宴話語音研究 = A phonological study on Haiyan dialect
李雁秀 侍建國 Master
2012 廣東閩方言今讀 [h] 的層次分析 = On strata of the [h]-initial in Yue and Min dialects in Guangdong
鄭海檳 侍建國 Master
2012 關於昆德拉的 "沉重之輕" 理念的哲學反思 = Philosophical introspection about the issue of heavy lightness of Milan Kundera
馬茹 龔剛 Master
2012 "楚辭·九歌" 與中原文化關係蠡測 = A primary enquiry to the relationship between the Nine Songs of Chuci and the Central region's culture
侯永振 屈原 ca. ca. B.C. 九歌 Master
2012 不能夠終止的超越 : 論張煒小說創作中的救贖主題 = The infinite surpassing : a study on the theme of salvation in Zhang Wei's novels
王銳敏 朱壽桐 Master
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