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UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)
Issue Date Title Author▲ Supervisor Degree
2012 Determination of triterpenoids in Psidium guajava
Chen, Ying 張慶文 Master
2017 Reconstructing Macau identity :a multi-media exhibition project of Macau's communication memory
Chen, Yun Ru 林玉鳳 Master
2013 rise of Macao Chinese cultural nationalism during the Anti-Japanese War
Chen, Zi Chang Wei C. X. George Master
2016 Extraction, purification and characterization of polysaccharides from a novel Cordyceps sinensis fungus UM01
Cheong, Kit Leong 李紹平 Doctoral
2015 English-Chinese translation of advertisements of cosmetics products from the perspective of Skopos theory
Cheong, Ngan Fun Venkatesan Hari Master
2011 From language of a HCC to a LCC : a study of Chinese-Eenglish translation of MAM articles
Cheong, Sin Wan Venkatesan Hari Master
2011 Ethical leadership and employee outcomes : an exploratory investigation in Macao
Cheong, Sok Ian Master
2012 Bitter for your mouth, good for your health? : the relationship between somatization, alexithymia and a culture-specific behavior of drinking herbal tea, and the treatment effect of expressive writing
Chio, Pit Hoi Zaroff Charles Master
2015 Translating idiomatic expressions in legal texts :a case study of translations of court judgments in Hong Kong
Chio, Sai Peng 張美芳 Master
2015 Attitudes of Macao secondary school students towards Cantonese, English, Portuguese and Putonghua in relation to medium of instruction and learning motivations
Choi, Ka Pou Moody Andrew Jackson Master
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