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UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)
Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree▲
2014 mediating role of leader-member exchange in the relationship between proactive personality and employee creativity
Su, Yu Ning Lam Long Wai Master
2013 Environmental awareness, initiative and performance in the hotel industry
Huang, Hui Lan Chan Sow Hup Master
2013 effect of the proposed new government warning format for cigarette packaging on purchase and smoking intent
Mak, Lai Kuan Chow Siu Fung Master
2013 empirical study on voice behavior and social exchange
Ye, Qing Hua Lin Xiao Wan Master
2015 Examining self-translation under rewriting theory :a case study of Eileen Chang's The Rice-Sprout Song
Chao, Mio I Venkatesan Hari Master
2016 青年男子耐力運動員同高強度間歇運動中的生理反應
陳振傑 孔兆偉 Master
2017 居住於澳門但持同文化背景之照顧者對幼兒負面情緒的反應與他們對幼兒情緒調節能力之看法的相關性研究
溫素芬 黃鏡英 Master
2016 論我國動產登記信息保密性與偵查機關查詢使用權的平衡 =Balance between confidentiality of real estate registration information in China and information inquire-use rights of investigation organs
魏玉成 Mo, Shijian Master
2016 作為犯罪因果關係研究 =Research on causality in negative crimes
葉欣沂 趙國強 Master
2017 A fast and low-cost microfabrication approach for six types of thermoplastic substrates with reduced feature size and minimized bulges using sacrificial layer assisted laser engraving
Gu, Long Jun Li, Cheuk Wing Master
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