UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)
Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2009 18週課外運動促進對澳門初中生體適能、運動行為、運動自我效能和運動結果期待的影響
俞辰 孔兆偉 Master
2009 4週高住高訓低練對肥胖者心肌損傷及恢復的影響
李舒潔 孔兆偉 Master
2015 A sociocultural case study of the mediational means of an EFL novice writer in graduate-level academic writing
Wu, Pei Sha Yu Shu Lin Master
2017 A study of the influence of academic self-handicapping on academic self-efficacy :examining the mediating role of self-compassion and the moderating role of mastery-approach goals
Zhang, Jing Ye Teo, Timothy Master
2016 A study of the relationship between home environment and motor development of toddlers in Macau
Cai, Yan Xiu 李思敏 Master
2016 Acute effects of hypoxia and high intensity interval exercise on blood pressure among healthy male university students
Wei, Xiao Yu 孔兆偉 Master
2015 An exploratory study of the association between parent-adolescent relationship and family sex communication in Chinese context
Li, Ming Hui Mak Chi Kuan Master
2010 Applying the cooperative learning model to enhance Primary Four students English learning effectiveness Tam Oi Ian. Tam, Oi Ian 楊秀玲 Master
2010 Becoming an early partial English immersion teacher in Chinese context : a case study in Macao
Qin, Yuan 楊秀玲 Master
2017 Beliefs and practices of two Macau novice secondary school teachers in EFL writing instruction
Chan, Ka Ian Yu, Shu Lin Master
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