UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)
Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2015 Bayesian goodness-of-fit and model selection for dichotomous latent trait models by Wu, Huiping.
Wu, Hui Ping 梁成安 Doctoral
2017 Beliefs about pedagogy influencing mobile technology practices of English language teachers
Fulton, Christopher Allen Du, Jian Xia Doctoral
2017 Chinese preschool children's social skills :its development and associations with teacher-child relationships
Wu, Zhong Ling 胡碧穎 Doctoral
2017 Comparison of fixed-effects model and random-effects model for multivariate SEM-based meta-analysis
Cai, Zhi Hui Fan, Xitao Doctoral
2017 Comparison of statistical and machine learning methods for missing data imputation in education research
Tang, Wai Keong Fan, Xitao Doctoral
2017 Exploring Chinese preschool teachers' classroom instructional support quality and beliefs about children :a mixed-method approach
Yang, Yi 胡碧穎 Doctoral
2015 In search of resilience in learning variables mediating the effects of ESCS on mathematical literacy performance of adolescents in Macao :through the lens of PISA 2012 by Ieong, Man Kai.
楊文佳 張國祥 Doctoral
2015 Mid-life teachers' resistance and identity :a narrative study in Macau by Huang Hua.
Huang, Hua 黃素君 Doctoral
2017 Relationships of teacher efficacy with sources and achievement goals :a study of Chinese primary school teachers
Hoi, Ka Weng Teo, Timothy Doctoral
2017 Understanding of the subjective well-being of academically gifted secondary school students in China :the broaden-and-build theory
Chen, Xin Jie Fan, Xitao Doctoral
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