UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)
Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
1992 Grupos estratégicos e performance : um contributo para a caracterização do sector têxtil Português Curto, José Joaquim Dias Curto José Joaquim Dias Master
1994 analysis of the marketing problems encountered by selected service business firms in Macau Sousa, Cristina Maria Gloria Sousa Cristina Maria Gloria Master
1994 Underpricing of initial public offerings (IPOS) in the Hong Kong stock market Vong, Pou Iu Vong Pou Iu Master
1994 Analysis of management communication and employee job satisfaction in an organization : Department of Statistics and Census of Macau (Direccao dos Servicos de Estatistica e Censos de Macau (DSEC) Ung, Lai In Ung Lai In Master
1994 upsurge of private entrepreneurship in China : the case of Tian He high-and-new technology industrial development zone in Guangzhou Trigo, Virginia M. Trigo Virginia M. Master
1994 Quality management : an exploratory study of the status and implications in overseas Chinese companies operating in Macau Teixeira, Antonio Teixeira Antonio Master
1994 Management practices in garment SMEs in Macau Ozorio, Bernadete Ozorio Bernadete Master
1994 Marketing in a small place : the case of the tertiary sector of Macau Mac, Vai Iun Mac Vai Iun Master
1994 Financial derivative products for hedging strategies : are they being used in Macau? Liz, Maria Da Conceicao Liz Maria Da Conceicao Master
1994 impact of takeover announcements on target stock returns and market efficiency : the Hong Kong experience Ho, Keang Hong Ho Keang Hong Master
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