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Development and control of a multi-dimensional micromanipulation system for bio-medical engineering
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This thesis focus on developing and control of a multi-dimensional micromanipulation system for bio-medical engineering. First of all, configuration of 3-P(4S) parallel mechanism is analyzed based on the screw theory, and a series of 3-P(4S) parallel mechanisms are synthesized. Based on which, two novel micromanipulators are proposed. Then matrix displacement method is introduced for stiffness modeling and kinematics analysis of the proposed micromanipulators. The relationships between external force and output displacement, input displacement and output displacement are established. Stiffness and workspace indexes of the two micromanipulators are investigated. Next, in order to solve the disadvantages exist in traditional driving solutions, electromagnetic actuator is adopted in this research due to the merits of large stroke, low cost and non-contact driven mode. A micro displacement module is designed to explore the basic performances and control issues of the electromagnetic actuator. After that, decoupling design of compliant mechanism is discussed and a 2-DOF micromanipulator is proposed. Mechanical design and controller design of the 2-DOF micromanipulator are illustrated, experimental setup is established and experiments are carried out. Meanwhile, a prototype of the proposed 3-DOF micromanipulator is also fabricated and tested. The electromagnetic actuator is further studied. The performances of the 2-DOF and 3-DOF micromanipulators are evaluated. Finally, a micromanipulation system is established and visual servo control based on sub pixel template matching algorithm is proposed. The whole system is tested and micromanipulation experiment is carried out.
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Xiao, Xiao
Faculty of Science and Technology
Department of Electromechanical Engineering
Microelectromechanical systems
Biomedical engineering

Li, Yang Min
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