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Symbolic repertoires for city branding beyond casinos :a case of Macau
English Abstract
This study attempted to identify the symbolic artifacts shared by Chinese and English media in regard to cultural and historical representations of Macau beyond its known image as a casino city. It applies the Symbolic Convergence Theory (SCT) and Fantasy Theme Analysis (FTA), aiming to provide a new operational method for textual analysis of Macau city branding. It first examined fantasy themes embodied in the reports, blog articles and promotion materials which were in the earned media, shared media and owned media. The study selected 22 articles in 14 newspapers in 5 countries in the period of 2010-2015. 7 travel brochures and 37 blog articles for Chinese and English versions in social media sphere which were hyperlinked in the Macau Government Tourism Office website for analysis. Second, a comparative study was further conducted to compare the symbolic realities in varied media including owned media, earned media and shared media so as to produce a clear mapping of symbolic repertoires in various tourist countries/regions for Macau branding without the casino image. Based on the findings, the paper found 11 fantasy themes which have non-gaming elements. The pictures of Macau represented in different media types were different, due to the different semantic environment and different culture. The rhetoric of themes was just flowing in the surface of the senses, and cannot generate a deeper and enduring emotion for the brand recognition.
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Zhao, Ying
Faculty of Social Sciences
Department of Communication
Branding (Marketing) -- Macau
Cities and towns in mass media

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