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The identity branding of Hengqin :a fantasy theme analysis
English Abstract
Hengqin has become a stronger magnet for investors and tourists after it was established as a Free Trade Area (FTArea) in 2015. Its economic power has taken off rapidly in recent years. Taking Hengqin FTA as an example, this research uses rhetorical communication strategies applied in destination branding from the perspective of Symbolic Convergence Theory (SCT) and Fantasy Theme Analysis (FTA). In this research, fantasy themes, fantasy types and rhetorical visions embodied in the media materials of Hengqin branding promotion and the brand planner’s mind are fully analyzed, which suggests a new path for the understanding of strategic communication on destination branding and an effective method for the design of other destination brands in China. In terms of the analysis of rhetorical strategies used in the media communication, the research has found that the current process of Hengqin branding is void of the empathy and emotional appeal of culture and history. The destination branding of Hengqin pays emphasis on practical themes, but neglects the promotional effect of cultural themes. Besides, the promotional department of the Hengqin government does not have the autonomy of brand positioning, which may lead to the deviance in branding. The real dilemma of Hengqin branding lies in the lack of industrial base and indispensable cultural resource, such as cultural conventions, historic records and architecture landmarks.
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Zhao, Xiao Jian
Faculty of Social Sciences
Department of Communication
Branding (Marketing) -- China -- Hengqin (Kuang Tung Province)
Cities and towns in mass media

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