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English Abstract
Modern teaching tends toward scientific and diverse establishment and the demand of talented person in society becomes increasingly high. Enterprises pay attention to personnel with well-educated background but also personal experience with suitable quality in creative development. By using sports games, schools provide opportunities for students to get involve in different areas and the discovery of their potential. Sports games in this way are regarded as best tool to nurture such experiences due to its adaptability in ages, environment and facilities. When compared with traditional sports teaching, sports games are less subject to external influence. In addition, it is helpful to improve students’ understanding of the society as well as their potentials. This study employed the video recording method, questionnaire survey and interviews as main method to investigate the physical education classes in Guangzhou and Macau. Through the analytical works of Mosston teaching spectrum, the classes were separated into traditional and games lessons. The traditional physical education classes adopted the four common style of A to D as listed in Mosston’s teaching spectrum while the sports games lesson had a common adoption of the other teaching spectrum from D to K. The research indicated the high possibilities of attitudes improvement while sports games teaching method was the dominant teaching works. Although there were differences between Guangzhou and Macau in the teaching works of physical education, there were common understanding towards various aspects in physical education when sport games was taught. On the contrary, there was a positive development on attitude of participation while sports games was taught. There were significant difference on cooperative learning but no significant difference on ability in creativity development.
Chinese Abstract
現代教學趨向科學化、多元化,社會人士對人才的要求日漸升高,企業不只 注重學歷,個人經歷、素質、創意發展都是必備條件。學校通過體育遊戲促使學 生接觸更多不同領域,開發自身潛能是十分必要的。體育遊戲可依據不同年齡、 不同環境、不同設施進行相關的遊戲活動,比傳統的體育教學更少受制於外在因 素,同時有助於提高學生對社會的認識、挖掘自身潛能。本文通過錄影、問卷、 訪問方式對廣州、澳門兩地的學生進行觀察與分析。透過 Mosston 教學光譜分析 看到,傳統體育課採用了 A、B、C、D 種教學形式,體育遊戲課採用 B、C、D、 F、H、I、J、K 種教學形式,相比於傳統體育課,發現介入體育遊戲的教學方式 更可提高學生學習態度。雖然澳門與廣州兩地教學方式存在差異,透過問卷分 析,發現兩地學生在體育遊戲學習中的各向度研究均呈現較一致的看法,總的來 說體育遊戲對學生合作能力的發展存在影響,對學生發展創造力卻沒有顯著影 響。
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Faculty of Education
Physical education for children
Group games
Creative thinking -- Study and teaching
創意思維 -- 學習及教學
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