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Baccarat game playing strategies analysis
English Abstract
This project investigates Baccarat game playing strategies and analysis of how casino runs their baccarat game and the benefits from different Baccarat game playing strategies to see whether they are efficient or not. Nowadays, there are more than hundreds of theories, methods or betting strategies available between Internet and books talking about the winning strategy or formula from Baccarat game. As a starting point, several of Baccarat game betting strategies which are common and usually discuss by the gamblers will be including to analyze and verify in this research. In particular, to simulate the real-life case of Baccarat game as much as possible, a Baccarat game simulator will be created to simulate the draw cards procedure and generated the data of game outcome records. After collected a certain numbers of game outcome data, those data can be used to analyze and try to find out the characteristics of different betting strategies. Then, we can see whether any playing strategies can have better chance to win the Baccarat game in a stable way or find out any common relationship between the game records. Despite this research may not certainly find out a true method for a sure win formula. But after the investigation in this research, we can familiar with different playing strategies. Furthermore, we will know the advantages or disadvantages of Baccarat game and realize how the playing strategies and methods work.
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Leung, Kar Wai
Faculty of Science and Technology
Department of Computer and Information Science
Gambling -- Mathematical models
E-Commerce Technology -- Department of Computer and Information Science

Fong Chi Chiu
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