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A study of the change of Indo-Myanmar relations, and the agents of the changes
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India and Myanmar has a historical relationship, and the development of their relationship is important for India to develop its peripheral diplomacy. Myanmar’s geographical location and its resources reserves also increased its importance to India’s diplomacy. In history, both two countries were ruled by the British colonists. And after the independence, India and Myanmar also had maintained a close relation for a period. But their relations fell into the trough because India supported the democratic movement in Myanmar and opposed the military government in Myanmar. Until after the Cold War, India began change its strategy on Myanmar, after 1991, the relationship between two countries has gradually improved, and the cooperation on economy, energy, politic and so on also further deepen. India and Myanmar continued to promote the bilateral relationship, both countries have their own considerations, for India, the implementation of the Look East Policy, the border security and the energy security needs Myanmar’s cooperation. For Myanmar, getting rid of the isolated dilemma, the development of economy and maintaining the national security also need India’s support. The bilateral relationship between China and Myanmar was also one of the considerations for India. For China, the development of Indo-Myanmar relations has advantages and disadvantages. China, India and Myanmar should tap their potential to expand the cooperation and develop commonly.
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Yang, Kai Huan
Faculty of Social Sciences.
Department of Government and Public Administration
India -- Relations -- Buram
Buram -- Relations -- India
International Relations and Public Policy -- Department of Government and Public Administration

Chen Ding Ding
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