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Determinants of demand for European Union tourists flow to China
English Abstract
The World Tourism Organization (WTO) had made a supportive forecast for the future global tourism. Based on their report, China will rank the first with 137 million international tourist arrivals and 100 million outbound departures by 2020. With the further deepening of Chinese tourism Open Door policy, the European Union, as China’s third largest trading partner, will hopefully strengthen the cooperation with China. As a result, tourism relations between China and the EU are experiencing a significant consolidation period. In this work, double-logarithmic model was provided to discuss the main inbound tourists flow to China from the selected EU countries (Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy and the United Kingdom) from the year 1999-2014. By using likelihood test and Hausman test, the fixed model for panel data has been chosen to ensure the most meaningful results. We found out that exchange rate, CPI and FDI were three significant determinants influencing EU tourists’ flows to China. Among them, CPI was the variable that influence tourists the most, followed by exchange rate and FDI. GDP had an unexpected negative impact on the EU travelers to China. The dummy variables showed that only SARS significantly influenced the visitors to China in a negative way as expected
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Wei, Ran
Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities.
Department of Government and Public Administration
Tourists -- China
Tourism -- China
European Studies -- Department of Government and Public Administration

Lei Chun Kwok
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