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English Abstract
This study aims to explore the influence of some major pre-school reform and policy adjustment on the transformation and development of two kindergarten directors with the life story as the research method. It is also investigated how their own pursue affects their career. In this study, in-depth interviews with two principals are conducted. On the one hand, due to the development of Chinese society and the input of pre-school education from abroad, the pre-school’s educational philosophy in Mainland China has made great changes in terms of teaching, curriculum, and school-home cooperation; on the other hand, in order to adapt to the change of the social development, education policy has also carried out continuous supplement and amendment, while the changes in the policies also did a big influence to the two principal’s career direction and their work. However, in the process of social change and policy adjustment, the people's initiative has played a very important role. The individual's idea, will and the pursuit of dreams can make an interactive force with the social structures and system so that individuals and policy influence each other. Thus, their life becomes richer. In addition, the relationship among individuals can make a certain influence on the development of their life’s direction. Principal holds a series of social positions and plays various roles in the society. They III forward towards the social desired direction, while their own ideas and knowledge are also constrained by positive reinforcement or negative impact on their life course.
Chinese Abstract
本文採用生命故事的研究方法,以兩位幼稚園園長為研究對象,探究其自邁 入學前教育工作開始,一些重大的學前教育改革及政策調整如何影響了他們職業 生涯的轉變與發展,學前教育者的自身追求與適應對其生涯帶來了哪些影響與改 變。 本研究對兩位園長進行了深度訪談,一方面,由於中國社會的發展,國外學 前教育理念的引入,使得中國內地的學前教育工作在教育理念、教學模式、課程 設置、家園合作等多個方面也都發生了較大改變;另一方面,為了順應社會的變 革與發展,教育政策也隨之進行了不斷的補充與修訂,而這些社會的變革與重大 政策的出臺對兩位園長的工作生涯走向及具體工作具有較大的影響。 但是,在社會變革和政策調整的過程中,人的主觀能動性起到了極為重要的 作用,個體的思想觀念、意志力、對夢想的追求等會使其對外在的制度和社會結 構形成一種相應的互動力,從而使個體與政策相互影響,也使其生命歷程更富有 變化。 此外,個體周邊的關係體對其生命發展走向具有一定的影響。園長們在一系 列的社會參與和角色職位之中,朝著社會所期望的規範邁進,同時他們自身的觀 念和認知也通過正面強化或負面約束對他們生命歷程帶來影響。
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Faculty of Education
Education and state -- China
教育政策 -- 中國
Early childhood education -- China
幼兒教育 (嬰兒至初級小學) -- 中國
Kindergarten -- Administration
幼稚園 -- 行政
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