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中學生物教師實驗教學之個案研究 :教師的認識信念, 教學目標與教學實踐的關係
English Abstract
This thesis is to study two secondary school novice biology teachers’ epistemological beliefs, goals and practices about practical work. Case study of qualitative approach is employed where interviews, observations and document analyses are used to collect data.After a systematic analysis, the findings of this study are as follows: First, the ontological aspect of teacher’s epistemological beliefs affect his or her teaching practices by guide his or her goals, the relational aspect of teacher’s epistemological beliefs directly affect his or her teaching practices. The teacher’s sophisticated epistemological beliefs are not always reflected in their teaching practices. The teacher's epistemological beliefs is dynamic, the effect of teaching practice will also indirectly affect the teacher's epistemological beliefs . Second, there is a significant impact on the teaching goals to the teaching practice. Teachers’ practice is to the principles of the teaching goals. Third, for the implementation of teaching practice, the external conditions is also a very important factor. Finally, based upon the findings and relative theory, some suggestions are put forth, including teacher professional development and future research, with the hope that I can offer some suggestions to relevant researches.
Chinese Abstract
本研究以兩位中學新手生物教師為研究對象,研究教師對實驗教學的認識 信念、教學目標與教學實踐的關係,採用質性研究方法中的個案研究法,通過 訪談、觀察和文本分析的方法蒐集多方面資料。經過資料整理與分析,本研究 的研究發現顯示如下: 一、教師的認識信念本體論方面會通過影響教師的教學目標來影響教學實 踐,認識信念的相關論方面直接影響教師的教學實踐,教師的一些複雜的認識 信念並不能總是體現在教師的教學實踐中。教師的認識信念是動態的,教學實 踐的效果會間接影響教師的認識信念。 二、教學目標對教學實踐有顯著的影響。教師的教學實踐以教學目標為前 提來完成教學內容。 三、對於認識信念、教學目標與教學實踐的關係,外界條件是一個影響其 關係的因素。 最後,結合相關的理論與研究的發現,筆者提出了一些建議,包括教師專業 發展以及未來研究的有關意見。
Issue Date
Faculty of Education
Biology teachers -- Macau -- Case studies
生物學教師 -- 澳門 -- 個案研究
Biology -- Study and teaching (Middle School) -- Macau -- Case studies
生物學 -- 學習及教學 (高級小學至初中) -- 澳門 -- 個案研究
Curriculum and Instruction -- Faculty of Education
課程與教學 -- 教育學院
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