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Constructing modernity in China :social change in Tianjin as reflected in medical advertisements of the Ta Kung Pao (1907-1917) = 現代國家的構建:從大公報醫藥廣告透析天津的社會變遷 (1909-1917)
English Abstract
This thesis is a research about the social change of Tianjin from 1907 to 1917. Using quantitative and qualitative analysis and specific examples of medical advertisements in Ta Kung Pao I will show the relationship between medical advertisements and consumer culture, and as well as the awareness of heath and disease. The method I mainly use is case study to reveal the complex developments behind the construction of modernity in China. Also, I use inter-disciplinary approach, which well illustrates the relationship between medical advertisements and social change of Tianjin. For this thesis, I collected ten-year advertisements of Ta Kung Pao in order to find the relationship and construct the idea of modernization of China. With the analysis of statistic data, it appears clearly that the number of medical advertisements rose up quickly and the style of advertising methods became more vivid and diverse after the 1911 Revolution, which contributed to the rise of consumer culture and awareness of public health. With the economic development, nationalistic spirit raised in China setting up a way of being awareness of modernity. In the process of modernization, the advertisements of print media made effort to set up a scene of “modernity.” The advertisers used advertising words and figures to build an “imaginary of urban modernity,” which stimulated consumers’ desire for pursuing material life and modern lifestyle. Additionally, the governors also establish the Bureau of Public Health of Tianjin to manage public sanitation. Therefore, the rise of consumer culture and awareness of hygiene begun with the rise of advertising modernity, which contributed to a social idea of being modernity, initiated National Products Movement, and conduced to the construction of modern state.
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Xue, Hui
Faculty of Social Sciences
Department of History
Tien Chin (China) -- Social conditions -- 20th century
Advertising -- Medicine -- China -- Tien Chin -- 20th century
Advertising, Newspaper -- China -- Tien Chin -- 20th century
History -- Department of History
歷史學 -- 歷史系
PuenteBallesteros Beatriz
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