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Analise da abordagem para o ensino de leitura em um manual didatico de PLE
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This thesis aims to bring some reflections on the reading activities proposals in a textbook of Portuguese as Foreign Language (PFL) level B1. This objective is justified not only by the discussion of analyzed textbook’s view of reading, but it also represents an attempt to contribute to a better understanding of how to work with reading in a foreign language classroom. First, we start from the concept of reading as production of meanings, rather instead of pure reception of information. From the discursive perspective, we understand reading as a social act, which is produced by the subject-reader in the process of interaction with the text. We intend to critically review theories related to the teaching of reading in a foreign language present in the analyzed textbook to improve the understanding of the approaches used in it and how the teacher can adapt the activities to achieve more positive, credible and acceptable results in the classroom. The study presents a contribution to language professionals, with a description that will help teachers to proceed with the pedagogical practice and elect the best approach to be used in their reading courses in FL. We discuss the three reading approaches, with special attention to the discursive approach, which will be the theoretical background for the methodology used in this work. We aim at plunging into the notion of subject and the significance of meaning construction during the reading process, as well as the relevant notions of contradiction, conflict and heterogeneity of discourse and subject. We will discuss proposals for reading activity in a PFL textbook by using a qualitative interpretative analysis. The main results show how the many reading activities present in the textbook analyzed have the aim of making the students recognize pre-established answers in the text, exploring only the formal linguistic aspects instead of the discursive ones.
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Yu, Cong
Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Department of Portuguese
Discourse Analysis
Portuguese language -- Study and teaching -- Foreign speakers
Portuguese Language and Culture (Linguistic Studies) -- Department of Portuguese

Silva Ricardo Moutinho Rodrigues da
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