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Translation of sarcasm :a case of In Her Shoes
English Abstract
Sarcasm is considered as an omnipresent phenomenon in our daily life. It tends to involve varied figures of speech commonly employed by writers of literary works. Translating literary texts with sarcasm poses difficulties to translators. It requires much effort to reproduce a similar effect on certain stylistic effect on the target audience. The question regarding sarcasm translation lies in the extent to which sarcasm can be transferred from one language to another and how this can be done. The present study analyses an American novel “In Her Shoes” written by Jennifer Weiner and discusses whether the sarcastic effect in the original has been maintained in its Chinese translation. The analytical framework employed in this study is based on the three types of sarcasm proposed in Raphaelson-West’s (1989) taxonomy, namely, universal, linguistic and cultural sarcasm. Our findings show that universal sarcasm is the easiest to translate, followed by cultural sarcasm, while linguistic sarcasm is the most difficult to translate. It is important that translators are aware of the challenges posed by the three types of sarcasm and employ different ways to reconstruct sarcasm in the translation process.
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Tam, Wai Lan
Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Department of Portuguese
Satire, American -- 21st century -- Translating
Translating and interpreting
Translation Studies -- Department of Portuguese

Wang Xian
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